Classroom Reading Doodles

The Google Doodle yesterday was in honor of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s birthday.  There were several Anne of Green Gables references played out on the top of our search engine and my students loved it.  I had told them earlier how this was one of my favorite books both as a child and as an adult.  When we opened up Google on the Smartboard and Anne and Diana were running across a bridge, my class collectively got excited for me.  This led to an unplanned but valuable reading activity: Design a doodle for your favorite book.

Kindergarten book reviews

Our PYP 3 friends are in the midst of a unit on how ICT has changed communication.  They were quick to point out that this is a great way to preview books and get other people excited about reading.  We decided to make doodles to promote Book Week.  So here are some examples of our search engine doodles (some motivated souls have decided that they will make their own search engines when they grow up.  Google you have been forewarned.Though considering these artists are five years old, you have some time.)

book doodles by kids

Little Vikings