Freebie Student Reflections

This is a rant: Why is it when you google “student reflection sheets” the only hits you get are for behavior?  Is that truly the only thing we want kids to reflect on in school? End rant.

I believe strongly that kids need to have a say in their own learning, as well as, the classroom set-up of the place where they spend most of their day for nine months.  I want students to become active participants in forming a classroom that is fair, meets their needs and the needs of others, and feels like the kind of place that you want to be.Lower Primary Student Reflection

There are so many ways to do this.  I’m a big, big fan of Positive Discipline’s classroom meetings and the PYP’s learner centered environment, but I have to say that I’m concerned if the only times we stop to get children’s feedback is when we are disappointed in their behavior.  Perhaps our not listening to all of their other concerns might even increase the need for behavior reflections?

compass points reflection

I made these to try and create a place for students to take some time to stop and reflect about all parts of their school day and how they feel about them.  The results in anonymous form might come up in classroom meetings where we as a group try to problem solve how we can make school better for everyone.  Everyone’s voice matters and I want to create a classroom where every person’s voice is heard.How I feel about school

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