A Common Language?

americanversusbritishenglishI have been making classroom resources since before I became a teacher. I started making display lettering and clip art when I worked as a classroom assistant and continued with scheduling cards, calendars, posters, worksheets, etc. during my university teaching placements and moving into teaching in my own classroom. While I have always been happy to share my resources with my colleagues at school, the things I created were the things I wanted and needed for my own classroom. Since I have chosen British as my mode of English, that is what I used when creating my resources. (As a Swede taught a mix of British and American in school and exposed to both in all areas of life, it’s not always easy to keep the two apart but I do try to stick with British English, especially when writing.)

That’s why, when Jenny encouraged me to upload my resources to TPT, I just did what I have always done – I shared the resources I made for my classroom. It honestly never crossed my mind to edit those resources more than changing some fonts to commercially licenced ones. That is until last week, when two different TPT buyers asked me if I could ‘translate’ the resources they bought into American English. In retrospect, I wonder why I never thought of that before!

I have gone through all my PYP resources and added American English versions where needed, so if you prefer these to British please re-download (or purchase!) them. I think I caught all the differences, but please let me know if you find any I’ve missed and I will re-upload them for you.

Anya's PYP Adventures


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