Long vowels Story Time!

Teaching and learning how to read can be quite the feat for both teachers and students. At our school, we have been using the Letterland books and program to help reinforce letter sounds, diagraphs and vowels throughout our reading programs. The best part of Letterland are the cute stories that accompany each sound. At first the students did find the stories to be a bit unentertaining, but as soon as we got further along the first book, they learned to enjoy Letterland.

Letterland teaches long vowels in the most fun and simplistic way I have ever come across; I wish they taught us vowels using this method when I was in school! The story behind long vowels in Letterland: when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. It doesn’t say it’s sound, but it’s name. So simple right! We have been playing the short video for the kids to drill in how long vowels work in a word:


In my reading group we have been doing lots of writing activities alongside working with long vowels as it helps the students use long vowels when writing in invented spelling. Here is a quick activity I came up with the other day; they absolutely loved coming up with their own one sentence stories and sharing it with their friends!

Enter a caption

Granted, some of the sentence stories made no sense whatsoever, but the students really enjoyed listening to the silly sentences and helping one another to make sentence stories that made actual sense.

What are some of the fun ways you have taught long vowels?

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