Recess the school nemesis

Kids love recess… well at least most of them do.  Recess is an inherently tricky time for anyone who struggles with making friends or has social issues.  All kids have break times that are less than ideal and it can be a taxing part of the teacher’s job to help them navigate these important social issues.  As a parent, I know that at the end of the day I hear about what happened on the playground and not the amazing math lesson that the teacher planned.  (How unfair right?  Why can’t kids go home and explain in detail how awesome their teacher is? ) break time book

At our school we wanted kids to start developing the social problem skills to navigate the ups and downs and break times.  We also wanted documentation over time about how breaks were going for kids so we could pick up negative trends early. Also, it helps to have lots of documentation of positive breaks for parents that are worried about their child’s transition, friends, etc.  We created a recess book, a reflection journal truly, to help kids think about who they played with, where they were, how it went, how it could be better next time, or to make a plan for a great break.  recess reflection

I have to report that it works.  It does take some class time to do on a fairly regular basis, but it cuts down on teacher documentation.  It also lets the kids’ own words speak for themselves which is probably much more powerful than a teacher’s interpretation of events.  Try it – we highly recommend it.  you can get it in my tpt store and it is 50% off for a week.

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