Beginning Sounds-Let the Letters Dry!

Learning our Beginning Sounds was the first step to start reading. This was a fun activity I had out during our Inquiry into Beginning Sounds a while back, and is one I still bring out from time to time to help students who needs extra practice with deciphering beginning sounds while reading!

The point of the game is to match the picture cards to the right beginning sounds and let the pair dry. To set up the clothesline, I used the two easels in my classroom and tied a piece of yarn to both easels. You are also going to need clothes pegs. I always keep a huge stash in my classroom for several games as it helps develop fine motor skills.


You are then going to need the letters and picture cards. For the letters, I searched on Goggle ‘alphabet cue cards’ and found this cute set! The picture cards were courtesy of the awesome teacher who taught this age group last year (Thanks!).

alphabet cuecards

picture cue cards

The students love this simple game. This game can be recreated while teaching beginning, middle, ending sounds etc.!

begining sounds line


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