Friendly Letters {FLASH FREEBIE}

Letter unit CoverWith text messaging, e-mails and instant messaging services, letters are no longer the main way in which we communicate in writing. That said, letter writing is still one way people keep in touch – and receiving a letter in the mail is always exciting and fun!

I’ve jazzed up my letter writing resources and added them to my TPT store. To celebrate the seasons, the entire pack is available as a free download until the end of the year!

Here’s how I used the resources in the pack in my classroom.

2015-12-04 11.19.33

To tune in, the students were divided in groups and asked to explore the examples of friendly letters. Once they read the letters, the task was to find common features in all the letters and mark them in different colours.

2015-12-27 11.49.17

When the groups were done, we gathered together and discussed their findings. The students identified the five parts of a friendly letter and I supplied the names of them. The students also discovered that headings and closings end with commas, as well as that there are indents in the bodies of the letters.

Next the students were given the 5 Parts of a Letter foldable and together we wrote down what each part is made up of and some examples. For the body, we brainstormed what we could write letters about.

2015-12-27 11.45.14

At the start of the next lesson, students used their foldables and a mini reference poster to identify the different parts in one of the example letters.

2015-12-27 11.46.56

They also used their foldables as a guide to write their own letters on the stationery included in the pack. To begin with, I asked them to write me a letter about school and used these to identify any additional instructional needs (forgetting indents, lacking commas or capitals, etc.). After that the students were free to write friendly letters as they chose during writers’ workshop.

For the pack, I created a set of writing task cards with different types of friendly letters. I plan to use these as part of writers’ workshop when school starts back again.

2015-12-27 11.59.22

Click on the image below to head on over to to download!

Letter unit Cover

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