Freebie International School Welcome pennant

It is the middle of summer, the time of year that teachers start getting ready for the next school year.  My brain has currently only started thinking about the first week.  I know that in that week, international schools will be celebrating their diversity of languages and cultures.  I’m personally a little sick of only seeing national flags so I thought this year’s class could make a pennant.    Each child will get their own page to decorate and present the important information (i.e. how they say hello, their name, their languages and countries, and what they look like).  We will then string it together for a large class banner.  I envision it looking something like this.

Getting to Know Me International School Freebie
There is a shout-out in the banner to several important internationals, many of who may have been given the wrong age for entertainment/educational purposes.  I’m excited to see each pennant decorated and hanging together as a class.

A brillant colleague of mine introduced me to a new beginning of the year flag acitivity.  She started by putting her students into groups of four.  She then made them divide an A3 paper into four sections . They needed to create team flags that represented their backgrounds/likes/cultures.  The only rules she gave them were that 1) they needed to agree on how they would make the flag and 2) they couldn’t use their home countries’ flags as part of their team flag.  I thought it was brillant and with her permission, I added that idea to the freebie. Now it has a few ideas to help in your back to school weeks.

Getting to know me learning edition

I also made a Back to School Pennant for Learning Preferences.  Even if you’re not at an international school this one can still be great for you.  This has a pennant to decorate into a class banner but it also has a student survey that I think will be highly valuable.  You can then collate the data and share it with the students.  I put in a mini-lesson idea for how to start student discussions about how they can make their classroom a place where everyone can learn.  It is an inquiry based way to find out what students like and then make them part of finding a workable classroom management system.

They’re both free and available in my Tpt store Little Vikings.  You can click on either cover image to go directly to that product.



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